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Sunday, 22 January 2017

So Liz stole the first post and spilled the beans on what our new blog is all about! But what's a first post without a Mean Girls reference? Or two or three...
I'm Naomi and I'm the younger sister. I'm not like a regular sister, I'm a cool sister.

So what might you like to know about me? Let's do this in 5 key points:

1.   ♥ The Planet
 I'm a recent Marketing graduate with a passion for conscious consumerism (worth a quick google but its basically a fancy term for saying I try to buy as ethically as I can). So I'll always try to spare a thought for the planet in everything I post!
 Don't worry though, I won't be annoying about it!

2.   Chit Chat
I hate waffle - and not the food! Do you know when you're watching videos on YouTube and you have to skip the first 10 minutes to get to the main subject because its so easy to go off topic and have a super long introduction before getting to the main point? (see what I did there?) Basically, I'll try to keep my posts easy to read or short and extra sweet. 
(still kind of counts as a Mean Girls ref, no?)

3.   Food and Fashion
Speaking of short and sweet, I suppose that would be a good way to describe myself! I'm a petite 5'2 which has a huge impact on my fashion choices. I also have a big sweet tooth so food-wise I'll be posting only about the most delicious things :)

4.   Hair Care
After spending 2016 realising things, I decided that for 2017 I'm going to take better care of my hair! As such, I'll be giving evidence of my ongoing commitment to my hair by blogging about protective styles and healthy hair products that might help others!

5.   Drama Queen
I honestly feel like I have such a happy life (lol). However, I love laughing at all the silly things that happen to me on a regular basis. Whether it's feeling personally victimised for being short on public transport or skirt splitting tragedies in the city centre - I love telling a tale! And what better audience to share it with than the blogosphere? Try not to cry too much.

Well, I think my first post is all done. Hope I didn't bore you too much!
Naomi x

P.s. Fetch will happen.

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